blockchain utility

Wrapped tokens

Fluid Assets are a 1:1 wrapped asset with perpetual payout properties.

A 'fluid' asset is a wrapped standard token that is pegged to the underlying principal.

Users are free from market volatility risks, and can redeem the base asset at any point of time through our web application or the method call on the corresponding swap contract.

Fluid asset use-cases

Fluid assets apportion yield when utilized on-chain.

Fluidity is realigning incentives by rewarding utility and usage. Fluid assets are composable by nature and can successfully promote both user and platform engagement through its novel reward distribution mechanisms. The fluid ecosystem also allows developers to compose how and when these rewards are distributed.

Use cases include marketplaces, decentralized exchanges, and any use-case where tokens are transacted on chain.

Yield through utility

Yield is gained through utility.

A novel property of fluid Assets is that they expose users to randomly paid rewards or yield when they are used, sent or received.

All forms of value transfer can now be incentivized.

We are creating a general all-purpose incentive mechanism that basically anyone can utilize in any on-chain use case that can incentivize actions. It is a system that is able to be embedded into different systems, platforms and protocols very easily.

Fluidity wars

User activity is incentivised through governance.

Fluidity will act as an incentive layer that operates at the blockchain level, orchestrating the primary user sentiments that drive the secondary liquidity effects.

Through Utility Mining, Fluidity and other protocols can drive in users whose primary yield incentives are to explore the protocol and exhibit intended behaviours that are beneficial for all parties involved.

Enter Fluidity Wars—a perpetual war to control the flow of users in a world where genuine user engagement is apex currency.


An incentive layer that bridges Web2 and Web3 is forming, and the way money moves is about to change.

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